COL Sinchana 2017-18 (2)

SINCHANA 2006 -2017



450,000 Students | 1500 Schools | 6 Districts in Karnataka

Event objective

To encourage and promote Kannada culture and literature among school students in Karnataka through an outstanding inter-school fest.

Event concept


Since the year 2006, Teach – LXL Ideas’ vertical and AkshayaPathra Foundation have been trying their best to empower the children studying in BBMP, Government and Government Aided Schools through innovative programmes, with the focus of making these children aware of the society and the role they play in its construction. Later in 2016, COLOURS OF LIFE in association with LXL Ideas launched an event called COLOURS OF LIFE SINCHANA. The primary aim of Colours of Life Sinchana was to motivate the children and provide them opportunities to express their talents. The event focuses on increasing the Self Esteem and Self-identification of the Government School children who rarely get opportunities to exhibit their talent on a large platform.