What We Do

Krayon, the events vertical of EduMedia, specialises in conceptualising, planning and executing school contact programmes and youth events. While providing the highest quality of service to our clients, we also ensure that we consciously add value to a child’s life. Krayon has been known for its exceptional event design, execution capabilities and impeccable quality of work. Krayon events reach out to 3 million kids annually. Horlicks, Dell, NSE, YouTube, Classmate, Sunfeast, HUL, HDFC Life, Tata Motors, Boost, Disney, CN, Nick, Star TV and NGC are some of the brands that we work with on a regular basis. Over the years, Krayon has won over 40 awards in forums like WOW, PMAA, EEMAX, CMO etc. The industry recognises us as leaders in the kids and youth engagement space.

Why We Do

With over a-decade-and-a-half years of experience of working in this ultra-niche but important segment, we have established ourselves as market leaders through our innovative work and evolving concepts. We are the only agency in India which specialises in working with children and youth. Our expertise in Decoding Kids has helped us drive our events to success. Decoding Kids by LXL Ideas is a research-lead initiative in India that aims to unravel the puzzle that kids are. It answers some of the biggest whys that a brand needs to know about kids and how to go about effectively and responsibly engaging with them. We take pride in stating that no company in India can match our know-how of children which is why our results are extraordinary. We have grown from strength to strength and our network today reaches millions of students across 120 cities in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the UAE.

How We Do

Our projects are conceptualised keeping in mind the needs of the brand and the target group. Every project is conceived along ethical philosophies of fair play and executed with great care and responsibility. Each of our projects is designed to engage, educate and entertain the target audience.

Krayon is equipped with the correct mix of youth and experience which allows us to create a unique connect with the target group while helping the associated brands to evolve through our partnership.

Equipped with the resources to handle massive events, Krayon believes in partnering with clients to provide the utmost quality of work. This is possible through meticulous planning, coordination and attention to detail given to each project by the team.

Don’t just learn, experience
– Roy T. Bennett